2022-2023 Studio Policies

Please note: We are currently assessing best practices and CDC guidance to establish our 2022-2023 Health and Wellness Guidelines for the fall. See below for our approach this past year.


Together we can make our class a happy and healthy place for everyone. All instruments and props will be disinfected in between each use. After disinfecting, each instrument will be wiped down with a Norwex Enviro Cloth. The Enviro clothes will allow us to do a final chemical free wipe of the instrument. In addition, we will be opening windows as much as possible. 

Please stay at home when you, your child or anyone in your household is sick. Your child must be fever free for at least 48 hours before bringing them to class. While we will not be taking temperatures at the door we encourage you to take your temperature and your child’s temperature before coming to class to ensure the health and safety of all those around you. We also ask that they be free of a cough, and runny noses (green or yellow) before returning to class. If your child is visibly sick in class we will have to ask you to rest up at home and make-up your missed classes once your child is well. Make-ups can be done by attending one of the other age appropriate classes. Please work with your educator to schedule your missed class so that we can ensure that there is space available.


While our classes have returned to operating at maximum capacity we ask only one adult per registered child attends class at a time. If there are two or more siblings registered they can each have an adult present with them. 


Hand washing is an important component in maintaining a healthy environment. Please wash hands for at least 20 seconds before coming into class. We will provide hand sanitizer to use during class. We encourage everyone to wash hands at the end of class as well.


Please let your educator know if you are going to miss class so that they are able to offer your spot to someone who may be wanting to make up a class. You are always welcome to make up a scheduled class that you have missed by attending another age appropriate class or our online option at any time while you are actively enrolled.  Please schedule your makeup ahead of time so that we can ensure that there is a spot available for you. We encourage you to make up missed classes as soon as possible instead of allowing them to accumulate over time. You are responsible for managing your missed classes and we do not refund for missed classes.


Snow Days/Cancellations by educators 

Please check your email before class to make sure class has not been canceled due to weather, illness or any other reason. If there are any weather concerns check your email and Facebook for cancellations. Please reply to the email to communicate that you have received the message. If you have any question regarding the status of your class, please call or email your educator. If class is cancelled due to snow or illness we will make these classes up.




One big change this year is that we ask that you please arrive no more than 3-5 minutes before class. This will allow the class before you to have a chance to put on shoes and exit before crowding happens in the hallway. If you arrive earlier, please stay outside or in your car. We also ask that you exit the classroom immediately following class to allow the educator time to clean the classroom before the next class arrives. While we always love to have time to chat and check in with all our families this time will be much needed to ensure the health and safety of every family attending classes by giving us a chance to clean our space.



Care Givers Must Stay On Site

Due to our insurance policy, a caregiver must be on site even during classes where parents are not in class with their child. We also ask that you be available if your child needs to go to the bathroom or for any reason needs to step out of the class for a minute.



Payment is due the 1st of each month. This year we ask that all payments be made via online payment either through PayPal or credit/debit card. In addition, we ask that payment be made on a monthly basis (auto payment is available) rather than by semester or the year. 

While we hope that you and your child enjoy Kindermusik and desire to stay the whole year we understand that life happens and you may need to stop. If you do need to stop please let us know 7 days before the next month’s tuition is due. This allows us the opportunity to stop payment. 

My son has been doing Kindermusik since 6 weeks old! It has been an amazing journey to watch him grow physically and musically! Thank you Kindermusik and Ms. Sarah for sparking my son's obsession with music!
York, PA
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Why Kindermusik?

Musical Skills

  • Identify sounds of musical instruments.
  • Respond to music in my own unique way.
  • Sense steady beat and move to it.

Fine Motor movements

  • Manipulate objects.
  • Use my hands with increasing dexterity.
  • Develop hand-eye coordination.


  • Repeat actions to reach a goal.
  • Investigate objects in many ways.
  • Display recognition of objects people, places, and routines.

Expressive language

  • Communicate with sign language and gestures.
  • Converse through expressions, sounds, babbles, and laughs.
  • Acquire new vocabulary steadily, leading to single-word articulation.

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