Kindermusik at Windham Music Studios


Core Values

Connection – We are passionate about giving parents tools to strengthen the lifelong bonds of parenthood through meaningful, eye-to-eye interactions.

Child Lead – We are committed to following your child as they experience and explore the music, joining them where they are at.

Confidence – We are passionate about giving your child a supportive and loving environment that builds their confidence through encouraging their interests and skills and giving them opportunities to perform.

Love of Music – We are passionate about building your child’s love of music by exposing them to a variety of genres and multiple ways to experience music through listening, movement, instrument play, creative play, and so much more.

Community – We are passionate about making our studio a place where you feel welcomed, loved, and build lasting friendships.

Joy – We are passionate that our studio is a place where both children and adults are filled with joy every time they walk into our studio.

OUR MISSION: Windham Music Studios is a joy-filled community committed to children, the love of music, and meaningful connections with family and friends.

My son has been doing Kindermusik since 6 weeks old! It has been an amazing journey to watch him grow physically and musically! Thank you Kindermusik and Ms. Sarah for sparking my son's obsession with music!
York, PA
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Why Kindermusik?

Musical Skills

  • Identify sounds of musical instruments.
  • Respond to music in my own unique way.
  • Sense steady beat and move to it.

Fine Motor movements

  • Manipulate objects.
  • Use my hands with increasing dexterity.
  • Develop hand-eye coordination.


  • Repeat actions to reach a goal.
  • Investigate objects in many ways.
  • Display recognition of objects people, places, and routines.

Expressive language

  • Communicate with sign language and gestures.
  • Converse through expressions, sounds, babbles, and laughs.
  • Acquire new vocabulary steadily, leading to single-word articulation.

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